WordPress Development

WordPress leaves the competition in the dust with regards to search engine optimization,  deep social networking integration, commenting systems and simple ease of use. The most user friendly of all the publishing platforms, it can really insert itself in to the mix quite easily. 

If you are looking to develop a web presence but don't need any complex user management systems or shoppping carts, WordPress certainly demands consideration.

Denver based Digital Workhorse can help you migrate, update or maintain a current WordPress installation, or develop a newly customized system tailored to meet your needs.

Types of Sites Best Suited for WordPress

  • Small Business Sites
  • Video Blogs
  • Monetized Blogging Sites
  • Community Sites (BuddyPress)
  • Blogging Addon to Larger Sites
  • Product Based Marketing Sites
  • Affiliate Marketing Sites

WordPress has really matured over the past few years with the adoption of custom fields and its broad based plugin and development community.

The main reason people like WordPress is it is simple to use.  It is the Apple of content management systems, while Joomla is the Microsoft (very difficult to work with).

Latest WordPress Projects

http://www.financialplanet.org (Community Blog)
http://www.sankinspeechimprovement.com/ (Business SEO)
http://www.webmarketingfunnel.com/ (SEO Marketing)
http://www.mysportstrivia.com/ (BudyPress)
http://www.licedoctors.com (Small Business SEO)
http://www.edgewaterseniors.org/ (Non-Profit - Community)

However you want to customize your WordPress installation . . . custom fields, theme modifications, "loop" modifications . . Digital WorkHorse can handle your needs.

Perfect for small businesses who want to have hands on management of all site content.

If you have a project in mind, quick contact us below now!