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CCK and Views : Learn the power of Drupal

Denver based Digital WorkHorse can help you migrate, update and maintain a current Drupal installation, or develop a new customized system tailored to meet your needs.  Drupal is flexible and agile, which has enabled us to meet a diverse set of client needs with one powerful open source content management system .

We use the Drupal system specifically to build digital asset management systems, shopping carts, project management systems, small business applications, community sites, streaming video sites and more.

Custom Drupal Module System Easy With Hooks

Drupal modules are the building blocks of the Drupal system, and custom modules can be written that interact with the Drupal core using the hook system.  To extend Drupal, a module need simply implement a hook.

Drupal SEO - Complex Web Of Modules

Fine tuning your pages meta tags, pathing, H tags, sitmaps, image sitemaps, canonical addresses and more, requires a complex set of plugins to output optimum SEO optimized pages.    Many times these are generated programmatically.  Our specialty is putting an SEO plan in place before development, and designing all menus, images, assets, pathing and text around a chosen keyword list.

Drupal Updates and Security 

All Drupal systems require updates and maintenance to remain secure.  The core system and additional modules all need to be up to date.  We can help you keep your system safe and secure.

Contact us now and let us know how we can help you using the Drupal content management system.

Client Highlight:  VQI Gallery - Drupal with Ubercart module - slick shopping cart system

Drupal - Ubercart Denver Member Gallery

How do Modules Work?

The strength of Drupal is its module system.  Most modules are dependent upon other modules, which interlock seamlessly when installed.  For instance, the Ubercart shopping cart module requires the catalog and Image modules to be installed and working.  Instead of rewriting all code related to these functions, the catalog and image modules are leveraged by Ubercart and used as building blocks for the ultimate product, a shopping cart.

Digital WorkHorse Drupal Projects:

http://vqigallery.com/image-catalog (with Ubercart)
http://sproutflix.org (with Ubercart)
http://www.canvassingdoortodoor.com/ (Drupal Commons)

Why use Drupal?

Drupal is much more robust than its closest competitor, Joomla, and can be easily opened up to customization and communication with the outside world.

The heart of Drupal's flexibility is its Content Construction Kit (CCK) module, and Views module.

The Content Construction Kit allows you to create custom forms, and Views allows you to recall information from those forms in an intelligent manner.

Contact us now and let us know how we can help you using the Drupal content management system.