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.NET is developed by a closed community at Microsoft.  Linux, PHP and MySQL are built by the people for the people, and have a huge backing of people who have vested themselves into their development.  PHP is flexible, agile, and works in most environments.

Denver based Digital WorkHorse uses the LAMP stack for cost effective development of custom web applications.  

PHP/MySQL is a flexible open-source development system.  Over 45% of the web population uses this combination of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL.

Search engines, financial systems, and other more complex applications are often better suited to custom coding with systems like PHP/MySQL.

You can see a sample of a custom coded search engine site just completed by Digital WorkHorse at

Advantages of Open Source Like PHP:

Choosing an Open Source platform for your web application can lower your overall technology risk and reduce the cost of development and long-term maintenance. Another bonus is that it doesn’t carry the risk of “vendor lock-in” and forced upgrades by software vendors.

Custom applications can be developed with PHP and MySQL, or organized systems developed on the LAMP platform, such as Drupal, Joomla or  WordPress.  New Facebook applications simply use Iframes that contain self hosted code built on systems like PHP.

Budget and application requirements often dictate the appropriate technology solution.

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PHP/MySQL Application
Denver PHP-MySQL Development
Enables search for Prostate Cancer trials, zip-code distance calculations, Ajax, forums, XML transformations, custom back-end management systems.